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Following the same routines and knowing what to expect we have learned to ignore the small details that constitute our day-to-to life. Yet, although they seemingly do not change the world on a larger scale, they are what essentially is our life.

All these moments pass unnoticed and all these things remain unseen because we simply do not have or take the time it needs to pause and reflect.

Ideally, the fascinating yet simple essence of life would not escape our notice but, as it often is, the most remarkable things happen when nobody is looking.

Sometimes a few pictures can stop time for just a little while and help us catch up with all the beautiful or interesting details we otherwise would have missed.

Making pictures is my way of telling you a story and sharing my view of things in the hope that it might prompt new, different thoughts or creates a dialogue every time you look at them.

If anything, that is what I want my pictures to do: tell a story.